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Wax Flower

Waxflower – Superb hybrid varieties that have many flowers per stem. It offers an opportunity to fill out and brighten any bouquet. There are 3 main colours, Pink, White and Purple, the stem length varies from 40-70cm and is sold mainly as a weighted bunch of 300-350gms but also available in stem counts per bunch. The main season runs from July to November.










Thryptomene Calycina
The new season of Thryptomene is upon us and the growers are promising a very good year in terms of quality and supply volumes. This stunning product can be used as a filler for all types of BQ’s or arrangements. The flowers can completely cover the branches to offer an explosion of colour.

Available from early June until August with a stem length of 60cm. The season starts with a white coloured flower and pink becomes available a few weeks later

Barker bush


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